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  • April is National Lawn Care Month!

    National Lawn Care Month


    We’re celebrating National Lawn Care Month by sharing our best lawn care tips on the blog and through our favorite social media sites Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Today we will start by giving you a run down of what to do during the month of April to get your lawn in top shape, but watch the blog and social media for more tips throughout the month.

    Top Tips for National Lawn Care Month


    1. Increase your mowing schedule: To avoid stressing your turf, it is recommended to never mow more than 1/3 of the blade at a time. This is why it’s best to mow weekly or at least biweekly during the growing season, especially if you live in an HOA with strict guidelines for lawn height and condition.
    2. Do an irrigation system check: Normal use leads to regular minor repairs, but the unusual number of days below freezing this past winter has put additional strain on your irrigation system. A spring check up will identify any leaks or cracks, while also replacing, repairing, or cleaning any damaged or clogged heads. Thus insuring your lawn gets moisture when and where it needs it most.
    3. Fertilize if needed: A healthy lawn is the first line of defense against weeds! A spring fertilizer treatment will replenish much need macronutrients lost over time, while giving your lawn a boost before triple digits temperatures set in. Test your soil to determine what formula your lawn needs. Be sure to water every day for 7-10 days after application to insure proper absorption, but don’t overwater and create run off. You want it to stay in your yard and not go into our water supply.
    4. Nip weeds before they seed: Now is the time to treat weeds with a post-emergent herbicide. Do it before weeds flower and go to seed, to avoid multiplying the problem. Do remember that a healthy lawn is the first line of defense against weeds! For broad-leaf weeds such as milk thistle Round Up works just fine. You can also ask for guidance from your local nursery or lawn care pro.
    5. Tame those pests: Spring not only brings beautiful blooms, but pests too. Fire ants in particular are most active in spring and fall and look for wide-open spaces, such as your turf. Take back your yard by treating mounds with pest specific bait. Check out our blog post on treating fire ants for more tips.

    Note: Remember for all chemical and organic applications carefully read all instructions and follow guidelines to insure your safety and to protect against environmental contamination.

    These are just are top tips for April, but caring for your lawn is a year round thing. In addition to our blog, the people who host the web page for National Lawn Care Month  also provide other great tips and advice.

    Of course, if you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments section and we’ll do our best to answer them!